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Beef Cattle Feed and lick blocks

Beef Cattle

Beef Cattle Finishing

Use a highly concentrated, ready mixed concentrate to mix high quality cattle finishing feeds at home. Make maximum use of your own or local raw materials. A flavouring palatant promotes intake with buffers and ionophores preventing digestive disorders. Click to see more info on our beef cattle finishing concentrates below:

Beef Cattle Finishing Feeds

Feedtek beefgainer 110

Feedtek Buffer Pak

Beef Cattle Feed and lick blocks
Beef Cattle Supplementation

Utilise our wide range of concentrates for home mixing of lick supplements for beef cattle. There are concentrates for dry season licks (winter licks) with and without phosphate, green season licks (phosphate licks) as well as a specialized trace mineral lick block supplement. Click on our beef cattle supplement products below:

Dry Season Licks with phosphate

Feedtek Veldgrazer 154

Feedtek Veldgrazer 128

Dry Season Licks without phosphate

Feedtek Econograzer 213

Green Season Licks

Feedtek Greengrazer 126

Feedtek Green Grazer 126 Organic

Trace Mineral Lick Block Supplement

Feedtek Trace Block


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